Kayaking or canoeing on the river Thouet can be both spiritually and physically rejuvenating.

Exercise outdoors – Even with a gentle paddle, being outdoors and close to nature can reduce your stress levels, help you sleep better and make you a happier person overall.

Peace and quiet – Hop in a canoe and escape the modern world for a few hours.

Get closer to nature – River wildlife is generally less shy with paddlers, so you should be able to see things that even walkers and cyclists don’t get the chance to see.

Getting stronger – Canoeing works not just your arm muscles but all the muscles of your upper body, and has many physical and mental benefits.

Paddle at your own pace – Whether you want to paddle gently or move at high speed, kayaking on the Tranquil Thouet is an activity open to everyone.

Friendly and fun, it’s also the best way to discover the river environment.